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Antique valuation

Appraisal is more than just determining a price tag; it is a journey through the history, style, and authenticity of each work of art. At Medusa Auctioneers, we value this journey and offer Antique valuation to, something that is not only cost-effective but also offers insight into the true nature and value of your works of art, antiques or jewelry.

In addition to discovering the value of your artwork with our Antique valuation, we also offer you the option of submitting your items for auction immediately after appraisal. This process ensures that as soon as you know the value of your art, antiques or jewelry, you have the option to immediately include them in our next auction offer. Our team guides you through every step, from valuation to auction, making it a simple and efficient experience. This way, we transform your newly discovered treasures into potential profit quickly and effortlessly.

In our process of our Antique valuation, we use not only the expertise of our experienced appraisers but also the latest online information methods. We also offer a form where you can easily upload photos of your artwork, after which our experts will work remotely on a detailed analysis. This approach allows us to provide a reliable estimate of value quickly and efficiently.

At Medusa Auctioneers, we understand that each work of art is unique. Therefore, we take the time to individually appraise each piece, taking into account various factors such as the artist, period, condition and market trends. This thorough approach ensures that you get an appraisal that reflects the true value of your artwork

Our Antique valuation is not only a great first step for potential sellers, but also an excellent way for art lovers to learn more about their collections. Whether you are considering selling or just curious about the value of your holdings, our free art appraisal offers valuable insights.

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Online valuation

You can send your video or photo file to us by uploading it here. Whatsapp is also possible via this link.

Home appraisal

If an online appraisal is not possible, we can also come to your home. Request an appointment by using the form below.